2011 Annual production reaches 32 mil. tonnes.
Won Gold Flag in Environmental Management
6th expansion(facility capacity: 38 million tons)
KIDECO's yearly production of 31.7 million tons
2010 Annual production reaches 29.1 mil. tonnes / Accumulated vol. : 200mil. tonnes.
2009 5th expansion construction completed increasing production capacity up to 30 mil. tonnes per year.
Annual production reaches 24.7 mil.tonnes
SM district production begins in March.
SSB district production begins in July.
2008 Annual production reaches 22 mil. tonnes.
2006 4th expansion construction completed increasing production capacity to over 22mil. tonnes per year
2005 Annual production reaches 18.2 mil. tonnes with an accumulated volume of 100 mil. tonnes.
1998 Annual production reaches 5 mil. tonnes.
1993 Commercial production begins at 3 mil. tonnes per year.
1982-1989 Detailed survey and feasibility study
1982 Establishment of KIDECO JAYA AGUNG in September